Rajasthan will become self-reliant in the field of oxygen generation

Jaipur, June 18. Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that Rajasthan will soon become self-reliant in the field of oxygen generation. He said that around 1000 metric tonne oxygen will be generated in times to come with the oxygen generation plants being set up in the state by various institutions and through other equipment.

The Health Minister said that the biggest problem seen during the second wave of corona was of oxygen. To get rid of this problem, the government is making elaborate arrangements for oxygen generation. He said that a sufficient quantity of oxygen could be generated with setting of oxygen generation plants at various places in the state and through oxygen concentrators. He said that whatever be the situation of the third wave, the government is making extensive preparations to face it.

The Health Minister said that according to the experts the third wave could affect the children. Keeping this in view, the department is working to strengthen NICU, PICU, SNCU and MCH at all the children’s hospitals in the State. He said that as a result of public discipline fortnight imposed by the government, door-to-door survey, conducting RT-PCR and antigen tests at extensive level and door-to-door distribution of medical kits, the effect of second wave of corona in the State is reducing rapidly. The recovery rate in the State has reached more than 98%.

Dr Sharma said that medical facilities are being expanded by selecting more than 350 Community Health Centres (CHCs) in the State looking at the apprehension of a third wave of covid. He said that availability of oxygen and other equipment is being ensured at these centres.

The Health Minister said that the Centre has announced to vaccinate people in the age group of 18-44 years from June 21, but the State Government by spending more than Rs 100 crore is vaccinating people of this age group from May 1. He said that the department is fully utilizing the vaccines. Wastage in vaccines in the age group of 18-44 years is zero percent and it is only 0.7% wastage in the age group of 45 years and above, whereas up to 10% wastage of vaccines is permitted by the Centre. He said that there are 18,000 vaccination centres of the Health Department in the State and there is sufficient storage capacity. The Health Department has the capacity to vaccinate around 15 lakh doses per day. If the Centre provides sufficient quantity of doses to the State then the department could vaccinate people of the State seamlessly and on time