NEW DELHI – 23rd June. – Mr. Raj Kumar Malhotra, Chairman-EPCH, Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Director General-EPCH and Mr. R. K. Verma, Executive Director, EPCH met Hon’ble Industries Minister, Govt. of Bihar, Shri Syed Shahnawaz Hussain.  

The State Government of Bihar has assigned a project to EPCH for development and promotion of Bihar State Handicrafts products.  Under this project, EPCH will undertake various activities like Skill Development of the artisans, Design support, and Clusters formation and to present the handicrafts of Bihar at domestic and International market.  Hon’ble Minister assured full support to EPCH for the same, informed by Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Director General-EPCH.


 Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Raj Kumar Malhotra, Chairman-EPCH informed that State of Bihar has a rich historical past. Right from the ancient history to the present century it was always a centre of attention of historians. The unique features of art and crafts in Bihar are the intrinsic beauties and great creativeness. 

These creative beauties have been preserved in various forms like in ancient stone, wooden structures, grass-clothes, lacquer and metal-wares. Bihar's craftsmen have excelled in manufacturing artistic goods which have great demands in local and international market. Major crafts of State of Bihar are : Madhubani Painting, Rock Painting, Wooden Work, Pottery Works, Bamboo Works, Sikki works, Brass work, Tikuli works, Zari work, Kasida works, Textile painting, Jewellery, Patna kalam and Lacquer works.


The exports of handicrafts for April-March (provisional) of the current financial year 2020-21 is at Rs.25558.94 crores (US$ 3443.45 million) registering a marginal growth of 1.14 % (Rupee terms) and (-) 3.39 % (dollar terms) over the same period last year. However, as far as exports for the month of (April- May) 2021-22 (provisional) is at Rs. 2538.09 crores (US$ 343.49 million) and a growth of 175.67% in Rupees terms and 183.34% in Dollar terms, informed by Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Director General-EPCH.