Government will issue new guidelines before school opens

Jaipur.July 23. Recently, the Rajasthan government has also decided to open schools on August 2 like other states. After which there is confusion in the minds of the children and the parents about the situation worsened by the corona epidemic. Has the government made arrangements to open schools? Is this decision of the government justified for the children? Such questions are in the mind of every child. Now the principal of Subodh School, Kamaljeet Yadav, expressed his opinion in favor of the government. He appreciated this decision of the government and agreed to this decision taken for the future of the children. Principal Yadav gave this answer while calming the concerns of Eklavya Sharma, a class 10 student studying in Tagore School, Jaipur.

With this, when Chitra Sharma, a student of the school, asked Principal Yadav, how will the children wear masks for so long? How will social distancing be followed? Is the school system complete? In response, Principal Yadav said that the government is considering this and will issue a new guideline before the school opens. No compromise will be made with the health of the children. This is a platform sponsored by Future Society and LIC and co-sponsored by IDBI Bank. The principal was very happy to meet the children on Friday in Digital Baal Mela season 2. He praised the children for showing such interest in politics. Told that the children who used to show boredom in studying social science in the school classroom, taking knowledge of politics in this manner is really commendable. For which Digital Baal Mela should be thanked.