Internet negatively affecting children's minds: Psychologist Manisha Gaur

Jaipur, July 3.Psychologist Manisha Gaur, Director, Gaur Mental Health Clinic, interacted with the children of Digital Bal Mela to talk about the mental impact of social media and internet. He said that Internet addiction affects the mind as well as the body and affects the ability to think.In such a situation, children should use the Internet only with a limit and guideline.

Dr. Manisha Gaur described the ongoing sessions of Digital Bal Mela during the Corona period as a good initiative for the children. Appreciating the innovation, Dr. Manisha expressed her desire to organize awareness camps for psychology along with the Bal Mela team and children in villages and dhanis. Dr. Manisha said that Bal Mela can become a 'Mental Health Ambassador'. Innovations like Digital Bal Mela should always go on for the mental development of children. He said this on Saturday, interacting with the children on the platform of 'Children ki Sarkar Kaisi Ho', the theme of Season 2 of the country's first Digital Children's Fair 2021, sponsored by Future Society and LIC. Janhvi Sharma was the host of the session and Prateek Sharma was the co-host.

In the lockdown, the parents of the children started worrying that what would be its psychological effect on the children locked in homes away from their school, teachers, friends and playground. There is a change in the behavior of children locked in homes due to the lockdown. The children have questions about the lockdown, are restless and are getting irritable. Dr. Manisha Gaur shared the answers to similar questions with the children and also gave them necessary suggestions.

Shagun Aggarwal asked psychologists that parents expect their child to be the best in every field, how true is this. Dr Manisha said in response, in this time, parents need to be patient rather than scolding their children. Along with this, keeping them physically active is also very important. If children remain active, they will also be stress free. Apart from this, they should have a schedule as to what work they have to do at what time. Children need to be engaged in creative works for the time being. Make sure they stay busy and learn something new by giving them any work and time they like. Let us tell you, Shagun has been declared the leader of the dialogue.