Sapta Shakti Command flood relief columns activated in Kota distt'


Jaipur, 07 “Call of Duty” Unprecedented rains in the last few days have caused a flood situation in Kota and neighbouring districts of Rajasthan.
 The Civil Administration sought the assistance of the Army to help evacuate people who were stranded amidst the flooding in Sangod that is about 62 KMs South West of Kota. 

Equipped with lifesaving equipment and essential supplies, 3 Officers, 6 Junior Commissioned Officers & 70 Other Ranks consisting of three Engineer Task Forces, Recovery Teams and Medical support of Gandiv Division of Sapta Shakti Command at Kota are engaged in rescue operations amidst deep waters with heavy current. So far many lives have been saved and rescue operations are in progress.

The rescue efforts will continue relentlessly, till all people in danger are evacuated to safer locations.