Sixteen International Film Festivals-16IFF 2021

Jaipur, 18 August  The list of nominated films for the Sixteen International Film Festivals - 16IFF 2021 and Aryan International Children's Film Festival of Jaipur - ICFF 2021, organized annually by the Jaipur International Film Festival Trust, has been released. Both the festivals were to be held from 26 to 28 August this month, but due to COVID-19, selected films of both the festivals will be shown together in the Jaipur International Film Festival-JIFF 2022. Awarded films will be announced on August 28.


Sixteen International Film Festivals-16IFF 2021


Nominated films: (in competition category*) - Feature Fiction-10, Documentary Feature- 9, Short Fiction-25, Short Documentary-15, Short Animation-1, Song/Music Video-3, Ad Film-2, Web Series-6, Mobile Film – 4


From India- 30 From Abroad- 45.


Total number of films: 75 films from 15 Countries (Out of 350 films)


From: India, United States, Australia, United Kingdom, China, Japan, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Russian Federation, Mexico, Poland, Taiwan, South Africa

Feature films are: Tijuana I love you, Krithi, The Girl with the Goat, Moji, Black Mill, A Better Life, Kaali Maati, Divaswapna, Aar Baa, The Vanished Voice


Aryan International Children’s Film Festival of Jaipur-ICFF 2021


Nominated films: (in competition category*) - Feature Fiction-6, Documentary Feature- 5, Animation Feature - 1, Short Fiction-18, Short Documentary-13, Short Animation-5, Song/Music Video-1, Ad Film-1, Web Series-2, Mobile Film - 4, Student Film – 4


From India- 15 From Abroad- 45


Total number of films: 60 films from 24 Countries (Out of 300 films)


From: India, China, Spain, Australia, Germany, Peru, France, Netherlands, Canada, United States, Croatia, Switzerland, Belgium, Poland, Norway, Chile, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Russian Federation,

Iran, Argentina, Slovenia, Tunisia, Italy


Feature films are: Natyam, Saving the Earth1 - Devil rebirth, Bonamy, With You, Mane Lai Ja, Thakavi


In this period of ups and downs of Covid-19 hundreds of film makers are making their important contribution to advance the film industry by submitting their films to festivals. The JIFF family admires it.