Infantry Day is celebrated today

Bathinda:. 27 October. On the occasion of the 75th Infantry Day, Lieutenant General Manoj Kumar Mago, General Officer Commanding, Chetak Corps paid homage in a solemn wreath laying ceremony at “Yodha Yaadgar”, the Chetak Corps War Memorial to pay tributes to the bravehearts who made the supreme sacrifice for the mother land.

 Infantry Day is celebrated on October 27 every year as a remembrance of the first military event of Independent India when the first contingent of infantry landed at the Srinagar airfield to repel the first attack on the Indian Soil by Pakistani invaders and Pakistani Army on same day in 1947.
On this occasion, , Lieutenant General Manoj Kumar Mago who is relinquishing the command of Chetak Corps complimented all ranks of the Chetak Corps for their commitment, zeal and loyalty to the organization and patriotism.

 He urged them to strive for professional excellence and hone soldierly skills aligning with requirements of future to integrate technology and adapt to the challenges of a complex future battlefield milieu and social environment. During his tenure, the General Officer emphasised on maintaining a high threshold of operational readiness to enable fulfillment of any challenge that may present itself in the future.  

He has constantly maintained that the success in operations will depend on a positive and offensive attitude, continued force modernisation, excellence in training, security consciousness, earnest work culture and focused human resource management.