Kapil Muni was the Kul Guru

Jaipur, Dec 25.  Religious book Gita is synonymous to Sankhya Tathyaphilosophy. Kapil Muni is the father of Sankhya Tathya and is related to Tripura Kingdom of Northeast of India . 

He was the first Chief Priest of Tripura Kingdom.  The State of Tripura is the most mythical royal house of India and has had a significant influence and contribution to the Sanatan Hindu culture..Kapil muni classes

Most of India's Northeast States were part of the mythical Tripura kingdom, which has been associated with King Yayatifrom the Mahabharata period.  This empire was governed from Sagar Island, popularly known as Tribanga, was governed from a group of islands in the Bay of Bengal, of which many submerged. Shri Kapil Muni Temple

The Kingdom also included Prayag in the North and the area extended up to the Himalayas.  One of islands was the ashram of Kapil Muni, Ganga Sagar, is still the center of Hindu faith.  The vast Tribanga kingdom was reduced to the present state of Tripura. West Bengal and East Bengal (Bangladesh) were part of the Tribanga Empire, which is why Bengal is now renamed as Paschim Banga.  This is a very beautiful initiative and this is the reason why Bengal's culture, language, music etc. is so beautiful and attractive.  There has been a wonderful contribution of Bengal in the freedom struggle of India.

Kapil Muni was the Kul Guru ( First Priest) of Tribangakingdom and this is the reason why the chief priests of Chaturdash temple of Tripura state are people who went from Ganga Sagar and they are called Chintai.  They can only be the priests of this temple, as per the mythological tradition of the Kingdom. Kapil Muni was originally from Gujarat (Sidhpur ) and he was invited by the Tribanga kings to build an ashram in Ganga Sagar, and to be the First Chief Priest of the Tribangakingdom.

Perhaps we have forgotten the role of the Tribanga Empire, that is the Northeastern states of present-day India, and the important contribution that has been made to the Indian Sanatan Hindu culture. We have also forgotten their contribution abroad. The wonderful contribution of the Northeast states on the Indian Sanatan culture is important and unimaginable.  Yayati's son Druhyu established a kingdom in Punjab and Gandhara(Afghanistan) with a huge army and the influence of his descendants spread far and wide.

Shri Kapil Muni Temple,kapil muni ashram,Kapil Muni Steel Art,Kapil Muni Vatika, Kapil muni park

The sons of the later Druhyu king Pracetas finally migrated to the region North of Afghanistan. Some scholars say they could be related to Zoroastrian, Iranian, Greek or European peoples. They were probably a north-western people. In the Hindu epics, they are connected with  Ghandara (Afghanistan). Their influence is felt as far as the Yezdi of Iraq, Armenians, Egyptians, Druze (Syria, Lebanon and Israel). Some Tripura scholars strongly believe that they have a deep connection with the Druids of Europe (Druhyu /Drui + Viddha = Druivid= Druid). Viddha / Vid means scholar.

Tripura is closely related to the Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia) countries.  There are many similarities between the deities.  The Sun God is called Saule, and in the same way Lakshmi ji is called Laima and Kali Maa is called Laume.

The wonderful contribution of the Northeast states on the Indian Sanatan culture is important and unimaginable.  We Indians are proud of the contribution of Sanatan Hindu culture of Northeast people. Kolkata’s Durga Puja has been officially recognized by UNESCO. Yes, the incredible cultural feast has made it to the UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

Major S N Mathur