Filmmakers gathered with FILMS and MESSAGES of LIFE, TRUTH, and HOPE


JAIPUR , Jan 9.The third day of the 14th Jaipur International Film Festival turned ‘center of motivational stories’. Hear the films and the filmmakers express hope, truth, and inspiration for all. As it was Sunday, people in huge numbers reached INOX, GT Central Mall to watch the films. Everyone was enjoying screening and interacting with each other as well. 

Romanian filmmaker and actor Robert Eugen Popa was seen attracting the audiences through his loving personality and a natural smile on his face. Whenever the magic of Jaipur International Film Festival is mentioned, his name would be taken evidently as, despite the COVID challenges, he has attended JIFF for the third time continuously. Moon film director Popa believes that the infrastructure of JIFF is unique and he got a wonderful opportunity to meet filmmakers from various countries here. He feels that INDIA is a country of cinema lovers and passionate filmmakers. Mentioning JIFF, Popa asserted that JIFF Founder - Director HANU ROJ is a visionary man and through his passion solely, it all could be possible. Mentioning Hindi cinema, he tells that he has watched films of Satyajit Ray and amongst contemporary filmmakers, he has watched and appreciated Monsoon Wedding and Salaam Bombay by Mira Nair. 

Lost both his legs in an accident, differently able filmmaker Uday Veer Singh was walking through his artificial legs and everybody was curious to know about him. Uday Veer told that he was working as a wireless operator in the Indian Army and in the year 1997, went through a massive accident and lost both his legs. Instantly he felt as if his entire world is devastated but he did not give up and through Jaipur foot, he got his life again and even achieved three degrees including MA, MBA, and MCA. By completing three degrees despite being differently able, his name is mentioned in the India Book of Records 2019 And he got lifetime achievement award by Indian Army chief Bipin Rawat. Then he made the film Uday Veer portraying his struggles in life. He believes that a physical handicap is not a curse and one’s strong will can turn entire life. 


Born in Kerala and working in Haridwar Swami Samvidananda inspires many. He has been working for environment conservation for three decades and has done significant work of planting 20 lacks plants, traveling from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. He asserts that a film spreads messages to a higher number of people and that’s why films are his ‘tool kit’. That’s the reason he has made many short documentaries and now has come to JIFF with his film Nani which has been honored with Green Rose Award as well. 

Polish film Leader - The Alpha Male is a gripping piece of cinema and that’s why it has won many awards at Jaipur International Film Festival. The film Leader is a story of Piotr, Who signs for a smoking cessation program but under the influence of the charismatic leader, enrolls in an enigmatic self-development course. Here he begins to question his relationship which he has considered so far as perfect.


A filmmaker from Poland and director of the much talked and wanted film LeaderKatia Priwieziencew feels deeply grateful towards Jaipur International Film Festival. She tells that her film has been screened in India for the first time and from the bottom of her heart, she feels elated that her film has got a lot of appreciation. Mentioning India, Katia says that it’s a country of diversities and here you get a lot of interesting stories and it’s good to see that new filmmakers are cropping up now. Mentioning Jaipur International Film Festival; Katia says that such film festivals should be organized as they promote and influence films and filmmakers. Such a festival spreads a film to thousands and lakhs of audiences. Filled with hopes, Katia believes that once we get rid of COVID fears, such programs and festivals would be organized on a bigger scale. 

Film A Nomad River - As Climate change and the river water crisis looms over INDIA, four disparate individuals embark on an introspective journey across the country. 

Dada LAXMI: The musical journey of Pandit Lakhmi Chand is based on Pandit Lakhmi Chand, who was a folk artist of Haryana from district Sonipat village. He never went to school, but he was one of the most learned personalities of Haryana. In a short lifespan of 42 years, he became so popular that people used to come on bullock carts from 50-60 miles to listen to his Raginis and to watch saangsOther singers and artists were so jealous of him that one day somebody mixed poison in his food and he lost his voice. The film shows his struggle how we came back to normal and started singing again.