Rajasthan is the first state in the country to introduce universal health insurance coverage to all its citizens. An innovative beginning has been made in the health sector after  the announcement made by  the  Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot about the  launch of universal  health coverage scheme  in the budget 2021-2022. In compliance of this, the Mukhya Mantri Chiranjeevi  Swasthya Bima Yojana in being implemented in the State from May 1, 2021

The main  objective of the health care insurance scheme is to provide cashless health facility and quality  treatment to the citizens  who do not have the means to afford heavy medical  treatment expenses.  It has been introduced mainly to give access to an affordable health scheme facility, specifically to the economically weaker sections of the society. The budget of this scheme is around Rs 3500 crores. Such huge budget was set by Shri Ashok Gehlot so that the health insurance scheme could be successfully  implemented during crisis period like Covid -19 Pandemic.

The  Mukhya  Mantri  Chiranjeevi   Swasthya  Bima  Yojana is one of the affordable health care policy. Under the scheme, the citizens are being provided with health insurance of Rs 5 lakhs. The individuals registered under this scheme can avail cashless treatment for various chronic and non chronic diseases in over 756 government hospitals along with 450 private hospitals that are affiliated to this scheme. The hospitals cannot charge any money from the patients if they are enrolled under the scheme.  This is the first scheme of the Rajasthan Government   which on one hand will undoubtedly help common man in availing best quality treatment, while on other hand it will  also lead to improvement in health care services in the state.

The Chiranjeevi  Insurance Scheme covers cashless treatment packages for 1579 different diseases, right from common ailments to serious diseases such as cancer, heart bye-pass along with COVID-19 and Black Fungus. The State Government has taken steps to ensure that no enlisted hospital charge even a penny for the treatment of mucormycosis or Covid- 19. Under any circumstances , if any hospital charges money related to Covid-19 or black fungus, the complete amount will be refunded to the beneficiary immediately.

The package under the scheme covers cost of medicines, treatment, hospital charges and any other medical cost prior to five days before admission in the hospital, including cost of medical tests up to 15 days after patient is discharged from hospital under its cashless facilities. All expenses are being   borne by the insurance company authorized by the State Government. Thus, this scheme is proving a boon for common man  as it is providing cashless indoor treatment for serious diseases.

All citizens of Rajasthan can apply for this cashless health insurance scheme. Individuals must be permanent resident of Rajasthan in order to avail different facilities being offered under the scheme. The registration is totally  free of cost for the families of these categories:-

One crore 4 lakh 89 thousand 833 families registered under National Food Security Act(NFSA)

One thousand 199 families  registered under Socio Economic Caste Census(SECC) 2011

Over 71 thousand  742 contractual employees working in different departments

Fourteen lakhs 96 thousand thousand 166  families of small and marginal farmers

Over 2 lakhs 97 thousand 711 families registered under Covid -19 ex-gratia list

The complete  premium of these above mentioned families will be borne by the State Government,  while other people shall have to pay 50 percent premium amounting to Rs 850 per family on yearly basis to get benefits of the scheme. There is no ceiling of income or age under the scheme. Over one crore 36 lakhs 56 thousand 908 families have been  already registered under the  Mukhya Mantri  Chiranjeevi  Swasthya  Bima Yojana which is almost 80 percent of the total population of Rajasthan.

The Registratation  process under the Chiranjeevi  scheme initiated from April 1, 2021. One of the important pre-requisites for registering for the scheme is to have a Janaadhar Card.  The families registered under Food Security Act and  Socio Economic Caste Census-2011, who are already linked with Janaadhar Card, need not require to go for registration again. The other beneficiaries and remaining citizens could get themselves registered through online portal of the Government of Rajasthan, or by visiting nearest E-Mitra Kendra. The detailed information regarding diseases and medical tests covered under the scheme and hospitals enlisted  is available on the website www.chiranjeevi.rajasthan.gov.in. Besides information can also be received from toll free helpline number 1800-180-6127.  

The Chiranjeevi Health Scheme of the state has a huge potential for helping the underprivileged population of Rajasathan in getting access to the best health care services. This is sure to reduce the rate of mortality in the state. Over six crore people have already been benefited under the scheme in the state