Webinar on World Cancer Day through Zoom

Jaipur ,Feb 4 . National Health Academy organizing an International Webinar on World Cancer Day through Zoom. In this Webinar, the Organizing Committee member is Dr. Amit Garg, President IDA Aligarh, Dr. Umeet Singh Secretary IDA Aligarh, Dr. Amit Gupta Treasurer IDA Aligarh, and Prof. SS Ahmed Senior Physician and former Head of Department, Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, ZA Dental College, Aligarh participated. In addition, Dr. Noorul Anwar, Principal Consultant, National Health Academy, New Delhi, and other Doctors


Globally, oral cancer is the sixth most common type of cancer. It is clear from a recent report by the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW) that India accounts for 86 percent of the total oral cancers worldwide. Moreover, 90% of oral cancers are caused by chewing tobacco and eating gutka. Tobacco use causes 1.5 lakh cases of oral cancer every year.

Compared to western countries, the incidence of oral cancer in India is relatively high. About 70% of the cases are reported in advanced stages, and the chances of cure are meagre due to late detection. Dr. Umeet Singh, Secretary IDA Aligarh, informed that IDA had taken the initiative at the national level for an Oral Cancer-free India. However, we have seen that oral cancer is not being detected early in India due to a lack of awareness. 

To analyze the severity of oral cancer, the Indian Dental Association has launched Spot Prevent Oral-Cancer Trauma (Spot) Centres, a network of dental clinics affiliated with IDA. These dental clinics are run by IDA-certified dentists trained to investigate and manage pre-cancerous (oral pre-cancer) lesions to prevent oral cancer. With simple lifestyle changes, counseling, and regular check-ups, the mortality rate of individuals can be reduced. 

Our goal is to curb this disease. Undoubtedly, this is an ambitious target for IDA Aligarh, which can be achieved through the early detection and prevention of oral cancer. Here, we aim to achieve our goal by organizing an integrated health promotion enterprise involving health professionals, voluntary health organizations, media, and government. Dentists play an essential role in the early detection of suspected oral lesions or white spots and the detection and disposal of risk factors for oral cancer.


Dr. Noorul Anwar from the National Health Academy informed that on World Cancer Day, IDA Aligarh and NHA are organizing a two-day "International Oral Cancer Congress 2022" (IOCCON 2022) on 5-6 February 2022. In this program, the new techniques of diagnosis and treatment of oral cancer will be given in detail by eminent Oral Oncologists from India and abroad. 

There are about 25 speakers who'll deliver their presentations and case studies in this international webinar. Approximately 900 dental surgeons from all over India, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Australia, etc., have registered for the event. In addition, the National General Secretary of the Indian Dental Association, Dr. Ashok Dhoble, will attend this program as a special guest. Dr. Noorul Anwar said that this conference will expose dental surgeons to world-class and latest technologies in oral cancer diagnosis and treatment to better serve their patients and contribute towards an oral cancer-free India.