Public Hearing system Should Be Strengthened up to Panchayat level : Chief Minister


Jaipur, March 4. Chief Minister Mr Ashok Gehlot said that responsive, transparent and accountable governance are the basic mantra of the State Government. 

The officers abiding by this spirit of the Government should ensure immediate redressal of problems of the general public at the initial level. He directed to strengthen the system of public hearing from the district level to gram panchayat level for effective redressal of public grievances.

Mr Gehlot was reviewing the public grievance redressal through video conference from his official residence on Friday. He intensively reviewed the redressal of grievances received through Sampark portal, Helpline 181, Public Hearing at Chief Minister’s residence and other mediums. Good governance can be gauged if the important works of people are done on time and their problems are redressed early and with quality so that the life of the common man becomes easy.

The Chief Minister said that intensive monitoring of redressal of problems should be ensured. He said that there should be no laxity of any kind of valid works and resolving the problems of the general public. Besides this, disciplinary action should be initiated against those officers and personnel who have been negligent in resolving the problems. The Chief Minister also directed for effective redressal of complaints related to law and order and crimes so as to ensure that the complainant gets justice.

Minister of State for Public Grievances and Redressal Dr Subhash Garg said that there is a need to make online the record of the decisions and actions taken on the complaints received. He suggested filling the vacant posts at the district level for immediate redressal and regular monitoring of administrative reforms and public grievances.

State-level Public Grievances and Redressal Committee chairman Pukhraj Parashar said that effective redressal of problems of people can be ensured up to at villages and hamlets by strengthening the system of the public hearing. He said a nodal officer can be appointed at every department for redressing the problems.

Chief Secretary Smt Usha Sharma said that complaints received on Sampark portal, Helpline 181 and other mediums should be maintained separately as per its nature so that high-level decisions such as issuing circulars or changing the rules can be taken for the speedy redressal of these problems at a higher level. This will make it easier to solve problems of the same nature.

Chief Minister’s advisor Mr Niranjan Arya said that if the officer is responsive and has the willpower then most of the problems are resolved at the initial level itself. He suggested holding regular meetings of the vigilance committee at the level of the district collector.

Administrative Reforms Department Principal Secretary Mr Ashwini Bhagat gave detailed information about the problems received through various mediums, their redressal and pendency. He said that more than 77.69 lakh complaints were lodged on the Sampark portal from August 15, 2017, to February 2022 of which 77.69 lakh have been resolved.