Tourism and Hospitality Sector will get electricity on Industrial rate

Jaipur, March 25. The Energy Department has issued orders to provide electricity to the tourism and hospitality sector on industrial rate instead of commercial rate on the initiative of Chief Minister Mr Ashok Gehlot. This will give a big relief to lakhs of entrepreneurs associated with this sector and further expansion of tourism activities will be possible in the State.

It is to be mentioned that Mr Gehlot fulfilling the long-standing demand of the tourism and hospitality sector had announced to give industry status to this sector in this year’s budget. In compliance with this announcement, orders were issued to provide electricity at the industrial rate to the tourism and hospitality sector.

It is to be noted that the announcement to give industry status to tourism was made several times from 1989 till now, but it could not be implemented properly. Rajasthan has an important place in the world in regard to tourism and there is a huge potential for expansion of tourism activities. Besides this, direct and indirect employment opportunities can be created. 

Mr Gehlot, looking at these possibilities, gave industry status to the tourism and hospitality sector in this year’s budget and took this important initiative of providing electricity on industrial rate, showing commitment towards fulfilling this announcement.