CM Also Reviews Covid Situation

 Jaipur, April 22. Chief Minister Mr Ashok Gehlot said that the State Government has started an ambitious scheme like Mukhyamantri Nishulk Nirogi Rajasthan scheme with a view to provide better health services to the people of the State and keep them free from the worry of treatment expenses. 

A dry run of the scheme is being carried out from April 1 in the State. Officers should ensure effective implementation of the scheme based on the suggestions of the general public by overcoming the obstacles and plugging the loopholes found during the dry run so that people get the full benefit of this scheme.

Mr Gehlot was reviewing the Mukhyamantri Nishulk Nirogi Rajasthan Scheme and the situation of Covid infection in the State at his official residence on Thursday. He said that the scheme of providing free treatment to people of the State in OPD and IPD is being implemented at an extensive level therefore it is obvious to face obstacles and shortcomings in the beginning. The officers should ensure that the obstacles in the effective implementation of the scheme are removed at the earliest.  Patients coming for treatment at the Government Medical Institutions should not face any problem.

The Chief Minister said that patients admitted under this scheme should get free treatment and there should be no problem with regard to medicines etc and effective monitoring should be ensured. A smooth supply of medicines and other equipment should be done from the hospitals attached to the medical colleges to the level of CHC and PHC.

 He gave clear directions that there should be no complaint from any government hospital for taking money from the patient or writing prescriptions to bring medicines etc from the market. The hospital administration itself should make arrangement for medicines etc. Patients should not go out for medicines. He said that strict action will be taken against lapkas or drug agents.

Mr Gehlot said that the scheme of free treatment in IPD and OPD is the flagship scheme of the State Government. The scheme should be given wide publicity so that the full benefit of this scheme reaches up to rural areas.

Shri Gehlot, while reviewing the situation of Covid infection in the State, said that cases of Covid have started increasing in a few states of the country and many countries in the world. In such a situation, precautions should also be taken in the State. 

He directed to give special emphasis on vaccination in the State. The campaign to administer both doses along with the booster dose to the eligible people in the State should be given pace. He said that the RT-PCR negative report should be mandatory for travellers coming from foreign countries. Besides this, masks and social distancing should be followed in crowded programmes