Extend road connecting Paniyala Mod and Delhi-Mumbai Greenfield Expressway up to Bharatpur: Chief Minster


Jaipur, April 27. Chief Minister Mr Ashok Gehlot wrote a letter to Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways requesting to extend the road connecting Paniyala Mod and Delhi-Mumbai Expressway up to Bharatpur along with announcing Alwar-Bharatpur (97km) road as National Highway and upgrading it to a four-lane road.

The Chief Minister said that Alwar district is a leading industrial and tourist destination and Bharatpur too has the world-famous Ghana Bird Sanctuary. World-famous Taj Mahal at Agra, Mathura, Goverdhan, Vrindavan etc are in close proximity to Bharatpur and thousands of tourists visit these places every day from Punjab, Haryana and other States.

Mr Gehlot wrote that the Delhi-Mumbai Greenfield Expressway and the newly built Ambala-Narnaul-Paniyala Mod National Highway in Rajasthan are being connected by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) through Paniyala Mod-Alwar-Badodameo. This highway will connect to Sheetal village on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway near Alwar-Bharatpur, which is 15km away from Alwar and 90km from Bharatpur. 

The Chief Minister in the letter mentioned that in the future the traffic coming from the Delhi-Mumbai expressway and Ambala-Narnaul-Paniyala expressway would need an easy and accessible route to reach Bharatpur, Agra and Mathura. Due to this reason, the road from Paniyala Mod to Delhi-Mumbai Expressway should be extended up to Bharatpur, along with announcing Alwar-Bharatpur road (97km) as NH it is necessary to upgrade it to four-lane. This will boost development and tourism in this area and also provide employment opportunities to the general public.