“India can take advantage of the weakness of China.” – Dr. Ajit Ranade

Jaipur. May 3.  University of Rajasthan, 9th Prof. Raj Krishna Memorial lecture was organised by NITI Aayog chair of the University of Rajasthan. 

The lecture was delivered by noted economist, Political analyst and columnist Dr. Ajit Ranade, Vice Chancellor – Ghokale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune on the topic ‘Rising to the China Challenge’. Dr. Ranade is an alumnus of IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad and a PhD in economics from Brown University. He has been the former chief economist with Aditya Birla group and consultant to the World Bank.  

Dr. Ajit Ranade threw light on how India can rise to China challenge by focusing on India’s Domestic agendas along with an inclusive and sustainable economic growth for a longer period of time, he also pointed out that India can come up to this challenge by focusing on its manufacturing sector, an area where China is much ahead than India. India can also take advantage of the weaknesses of China which are the ageing Chinese society, its frictions with the neighbours, and its issues with the private partnerships. Large number of university teachers, students and esteemed guest attended this lecture. The programme began with the lighting of the lamp.

The Director NITI Aayog Chair, Prof Meeta Mathur apprised the audience about  late Prof. Raj Krishna in whose fond memory the lecture was organised. Prof Raj Krishna was one of those very rare persons who imbibed in him high academic achievement and a passion for teaching. He coined the much-quoted phrase the Hindu rate of growth and drew pointed attention to India’s growth performance. He joined the Department of Economics in University of Rajasthan as Professor and Head in the year 1967 after resigning to the membership of Agriculture Prices Commission, leaving the mark in the department till the year 1975. He later joined University of Delhi and was also appointed as a member of planning commission and seventh Finance Commission. He worked for the Economic problems of  the country and made appreciable contribution at national level.    

Vice Chancellor, Prof Rajeev Jain, Prof Vijay Vir Singh, Former Director, NITI Aayog Chair, Dean faculty of Social Sciences, Head of the Department Economics, University of Rajasthan were amongst others who attended this lecture.