48,000 crore for Smart Cities Mission over five years

New Dehli 18 July,

Government of India launched the Smart Cities Mission (SCM) on 25 June 2015. 100 Smart Cities have been selected through 4 rounds of competition from January 2016 to June 2018. As per SCM Guidelines, Central Government will provide financial support to the extent of  48,000 crore over five years i.e., on an average 100 crore per city per year. s 30,751.41 crore for 100 Smart Cities, out of which ₹ 27,610.34 crore (90%) has been utilized. State-wise details of funds released by Central Government under SCM, and utilization thereof is given in Annexure-I.

As on 8 July 2022, these Smart Cities have tendered out 7,822 projects worth ₹ 1,90,660 crore; work orders have been issued in 7,649 projects worth ₹ 1,80,996 crore; 4,085 projects worth ₹ 66,912 crore have been completed. The period of implementation of SCM is upto June 2023 and all Smart Cities are expected to complete their projects within the stipulated time.