40-50 HP tractors witness highest sales tractio


Jaipur, October 31:Tractor Junction - India's leading digital marketplace for farmers has released a note that captures traction by the various segments and brands of tractors in India. The note also mentions the preferred source of information for the farmers, the most searched tractor brand, and the most tech-savvy farmers region-wise.

Tractors in the 40-50 HP segment are among the top 10 models. M&M 575 – 47 HP topped the list for the highest traction and sales. In terms of the best tractor brand - Mahindra & Mahindra remains highest-selling tractor in India with offerings in almost every segment and various specifications.

Speaking on the above trend, Mr.Rajat Gupta, Founder of Tractor Junction said, “Farmers are now buying tractor basis their application or usage. Since majority of India’s farmers have landholdings below 2-3 hectares - the segment of 40-50 HP tractors witnesses’ high traction. This segment of tractors falls in the compact & standard segment, ideal for ploughing and tilling work. Tractors in 40-50 HP segment are most suited for diverse non-agri applications. Thereby allowing a farmer to diversify his income sources, [a1] and providing the highest value for money.

Tractor Junction helps the farmers by detailing the benefits and features of tractors like prices, reviews, and blogs related to them. Personalized CTAs help drive more clicks, engagement, and conversions than clickable images. The Tractor Junction News, Web Story, and Blogs segment on the portal helps to increase organic searches and is used to increase sales.

Tractor Junction’s portal attracts approx 1 lakh daily users, on a monthly basis the traffic is nearly35 lakh. The app boasts a user base of 15,300 daily and 3.76 lakh on a monthly basis.