Krisha Prajapati gets OMG Record of India

Indore, Oct 9. Indore gave birth to talented talent. Krisha Prajapati is making the name of the city proud in the country and abroad. 3 year old girl got her name in OMG record at a young age. 

Krisha Prajapati's trainer Ravi Rao said that this is my youngest student ever to have achieved an OMG record. OMG Book Records is known to be the fourth largest record company in the country. OMG Record Company says that making records is not just a passion or a passion, but a career path.

Krisha Prajapati has made a record of 15 to 20 minutes plank and it is seen that at the age of 3, she is the first girl who has achieved this record. Plank is a body exercise which normal people are not able to do even 30 seconds. This little girl does plank as well as hand stand 20 to 25 minutes of pushups, leg and body mobility, stretching or many other activities.

There are many such children in our country who have different types of skills, but due to our country not knowing much about the records, our country is far behind in comparison to foreign countries OMG country's fourth Authentic Book of Records A small girl from Indore has brought laurels to her city by getting the OMG book record in the company.

During the lockdown, many people recognized their inner talent in their spare time, at the same time this skill of Krisha Prajapati was also recognized. Seeing the hard work and interest of Krish Prajapati, today he has registered his name in the record and brought glory to himself and his city.