Three Full-length films in the Rajasthani language

Jaipur, 5 December. Making a distinguished place for itself globally, and celebrating its 15th edition [6th to 10th January 2023 will grand preparations, Jaipur International Film Festival [JIFF]released the third list of nominated films on Monday.

 Out of 250 filmsreceived from five countries, 32 films have been included in this list.This is a matter of sheer pride that the list includes 11 films from our royal land of Rajasthan. Three Full-length films in the Rajasthani language are included in the list as well Short Fiction Films include Aniruddha Jaiman directed The Dark Side,Rajesh Seth directed The Eyes, Birendra Rajbansh directed Udak, Taptesh Kumar Mewal directed Vriksha, and Hemant Seerwal directed AnmolDharohar, Gadoliya and Soch. Documentary short films from Rajasthan  include Subhash Prajapati directed Jhadu, Dapli aur Hum.

Three Full-length films in the Rajasthani language are included in the list as well Three full-length feature films from Rajasthan are on the list as well, which include Minzar by Neeraj Khandelwal, Naanera by Deepankar Prakash,
and Subhagi by Anil Bhoop. Festival founder Hanu Roj informs that the first list, released on 5th October, included 199 films from 40 countries. The second list, released on 5 November included 51 films from 16 countries, which 38 jury members from 18 countries selected.
Selected films in 6 categories include 7 Feature Fiction Films | 1 Documentary Feature Films | 13 Short Fiction Films | 2 Short Documentary Films, 1 Animation Short and 8 Web Series,” informs JIFF spokesperson Rajendra Boda.