Jaipur,Dec 10. To Commemorate 52nd Year Celebrations of "Vijay Diwas" and honour the valour and sacrifice of our Armed Forces during the 1971 Indo-Pak War, a Bicycle Expedition as part of Konark Multi Modal Expedition of Indian Army was flagged off from historical region of Nara Bet on 09 December 2023 by Commander 31 Infantry Brigade in the serene environment of Rann Region of Kutch.             
              The expedition was aimed to showcase the physical endurance of our soldiers and to also emphasize on the spirit of unity and camaraderie within the Indian Armed Forces.A total of 24 cyclists from Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Airforce and BSF participated in the expedition covering a distance of 256 kms through Suigam, Dholavira and culminating at Dhorodo.
            The cyclists on their way  undertook various awareness and motivational events highlighting Agniveer Scheme as well as inspiring the youth on the importance of their role towards Nation building at Chimalal Laxmi Bai Parik High School, Santalpur. The young minds cheerfully welcomed the soldiers and enthusiastically received the talk.
            On 10 Dec 2023 the cyclists reached the UNESCO World heritage site Dholavira which is one of the best preserved urban settlement which promotes incredible India and also honours the valour of our Armed Forces during the Indo- Pak 1971 war. The cycling expedition served as a platform for fostering goodwill and interaction with the local populace. They also engaged in community interactions spreading awareness about the historic significance of Vijay Diwas. 
            A Kho-Kho competition was organised for school children by Indian Army to promote sports culture in remote villages  and to motivate children to inculcate discipline, team spirit and mental focus through games and sports at the historical site. The cyclists from tri services & BSF covered a distance of  256 Kms from Nara Bet to Dhorodo to promote national integration on the 52nd  anniversary at "Vijay Diwas".  
            The day culminated with an interactive session organised to honour Ex- servicemen for their service to the nation. The patriotic cycle journey got culminated in picturesque surroundings of Rann region of Kutch on 11 December 2023 at Dhorodo. The enthusiastic team of cyclists  covered a total distance of 256 kms of challenging and enthralling landscapes along the border areas of Kutch, symbolizing the resilience of our forces in the face of adversity. Apart from the border area, the route also traversed through the world renowned locations such as Narabet, Dholavira Heritage Site and White Rann. 
            The cycling expedition also featured demonstrations of specialized equipment providing a glimpse into the modern capabilities of the Indian Army at Dhorodo.