Embassy of Israel in India Hosts Hanukkah Celebration

New Delhi, 14th December .In a spirit of unity and hope, the Embassy of Israel in India organized a Hanukkah celebration, commemorating the Festival of Lights and lighting candles with the sincere wish for the safe return of all hostages.


The event, held at the Ambassador’s residence, brought together a diverse gathering of diplomats, government officials, media professionals, community leaders, and well-wishers to partake in the festivities and join the call for the swift return of hostages.


The Ambassador of Israel to India, Naor Gilon, addressed the guests emphasizing the significance of Hanukkah as a symbol of resilience and hope. He said, “The holiday commemorates the miracle of Hanukkah symbolizing the triumph of light over darkness and good over evil. 


There are 137 people; men, women, children, elderly, including non-Israelis who are still being held hostage by Hamas and are experiencing the depth of darkness. This Hanukkah we pray for the hostages to be reunited with their families and for light to dispel the darkness we have experienced since October 7.”


The Ambassador also conveyed his gratitude to the Indian people and government for their unwavering support and solidarity during these difficult times.


As the story goes, Hanukkah commemorates the miracle of a small amount of oil lasting eight days to light the Jewish symbol: the Menorah. This symbolizes resilience and the triumph of light over darkness. This Hanukkah, the embassy also paid tribute to the resilience shown by the people of Israel after the horrific Oct 7 terror attack. Each candle illuminated the room with a message of hope for the safe return of the hostages.