Health Minister praises vaccination personnel for administering 2 crore vaccination doses

Jaipur, 17June .Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma congratulated officers and employees associated with vaccination on administration of 2 crore vaccination doses in the State under covid-19 vaccination programme. He has called upon the vaccination personnel to work sincerely in future too with the same diligence and enthusiasm and help people in saving from the effects of covid-19 virus.

Dr Sharma said that 1,62,95,718 people have been inoculated with the first dose of corona vaccine and 34,92,989 people have been administered the second dose as per the data till Tuesday evening. He said that 4,99,421 health workers were administered the first dose and 3,87,065 have been administered the second dose in the State till Tuesday. Similarly, 5,71,891 frontline workers and 4,03,502 have been administered first and second doses respectively.

The Health Minister said that 36,60,873 people and 1,813 people in the 18-44 years age group in the State have been administered first and second dose of the vaccine respectively. Similarly, 60,65,648 people have received the first dose and 9,26,283 people have received the second dose of the corona vaccine in the age group of 45-59 years. In the age group of 60 years and above, 54,96,885 people and 17,74,326 have received the first and second dose of the vaccine respectively.

Dr Sharma said that the vaccination coverage in the State has touched the 2 crore vaccination mark till Wednesday afternoon. He said that the State has developed the capacity of administering nearly 7 lakh vaccines every day. Vaccine doses are being administered continuously with receipt of vaccine doses. The vaccine wastage is only 0.8% in the State and continuous efforts are being made to bring the wastage to zero, he added.