Latvia is an important country


Latvia is an important country in the group of Baltic countries whose mythological civilization and culture match the Sanatan culture. 

They mostly consider themselves as Rajputs (Kshatriyas). Dievturiba  is the main religious organization there.  Among their main deities, Soule (Sun), Laime (Maa Lakshmi), Laume (Maa Kali) etc. are prominent and are also known by these names in some Purvanchal states of India.  Perkunos (Indra) is also one of the main deities.  Way of life (Zina: जीना) is their religion and  it has been the practice of memorizing Shruti (श्रुति).  Shruti (श्रुति) means  the knowledge of the four Vedas  in India.  They  are  fire worshippers also. There have been customs of igniting the sacred eternal  fire continuously under protection  of virgin girls . One such temple is in Vilnius. They are called Vaidilutes.  Similar customs and beliefs were also in the mythological religion and culture of Rome, which were called Vestal Virgins.

Apostles of the Roman Empire had two armies of the Church, the Teutonic order and the Livonian order, who would defeat other states and force them to convert. The Livonian order was established in Latvia.

Let us know a little more about these Baltic countries and realize how they saved the Sanatan culture thousands of km away from India.

Major Surendra Mathur,SM (Retd)

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