Jaipur Foot camp in Kashmir helps the disabled



 Kupwara,10 July. A  Large number of Kashmiri disabled  who were suffering from  various deformities were rehabilitated by organising a  special three-day free camp at Pharkian village in Kupwara district.

The camp was jointly organised by the makers of the world-famous Jaipur Foot, Bhagwan Mahaveer Vikland Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS) and 268 Infantry Brigade in the border village of  Pharkian in which over 750 disabled were provided with free  artificial limb, callipers. crutches and hearing aids.

The various aids and appliances were disbursed  after  medical check-up  under the supervision of the  founder and chief patron of the BMVSS D R Mehta and the BMVSS honorary  advisor on  international affairs, former ambassador of India to Kuwait Satish Mehta. Senior army  officers and doctors of the Army Medical Corps (AMC) were also present during the camp.

D R Mehta said that a large number of disabled living in the Kashmir valley  who are unable to travel because of the disability was brought to the campsite and  were provided  with  customised  fittings during the camp. Those suffering from polio related problems were  fitted with calipers and were also provided wheelchairs based on the severity of their deformities. Hearing aids were provided  to the  hearing impaired to facilitate better hearing.

D R Mehta said the holding of the camps free of charge  in the border areas of  Kashmir valley generate a lot of goodwill and it helps those who either are unable to undertake travel for rehabilitation or  are unable to afford an artificial limb and appliances.

He said the army authorities undertake the task of holding such camps in various parts of Jammu & Kashmir and the BMVSS provide the artificial limbs and appliances free of cost.

Mehta said in April this year, a similar camp was organised in Anantnag district in which 1900 disabled were benefitted free through a joint effort of the army and the BMVSS. He said the BMVSS would support such camps in the future also.