The syllabus of Rajasthan Board changes every five years

Jaipur, 5 July. The syllabus of Rajasthan Board changes every five years, has the party started deciding the syllabus of the children, former Education Minister Vasudev Devnani solved the problem of children on Digital Baal Mela

In the 'Digital Baal Mela 2021' Season-2, a creative platform sponsored by Future Society and LIC, there was a dialogue about the changing nature of education during the Corona period. In which the children fiercely raised their questions on the changing nature of education with Vasudev Devnani, the former Education Minister of Rajasthan and MLA of Ajmer North. During this, Jahnavi Sharma of Jaipur asked the former Education Minister, who came to redress every question raised in Balman, that the Rajasthan Board often asked questions about the controversy about the syllabus. Jhanvi said that why the syllabus is changed every five years, in such a situation, children study something else for five years and for the next 5 years they are taught something else. Due to these changes, it is now being said that the parties are deciding the syllabus. Why does this happen?

Before answering, the former minister first appreciated Jahnavi's question and told that the syllabus has no relation with the party, yes it happens but it is done to keep the children active in every field. Every single generation should know the history of India and the story of its being the best. With every kind of knowledge that children are getting, they prepare them as ideal citizens, for which it becomes necessary to make changes. Explaining the importance of quality of questions, former minister Vasudev Devnani said that good education gives us good character, true patriot. Helps to become a good citizen. Now in such a situation, every day there is some change in the world, due to which we get to earn knowledge.

During this, on the question of Kavya Gadiya bringing a new education policy, the former minister said that the reason for bringing education policy is to provide all kinds of facilities to the children so that no child is deprived of education due to any reason. While answering this question, the minister also talked about the 5+3+3+4 rule. In this dialogue, the children also questioned the constant dispute between the parents and the school management regarding the school fees, and the same said that today many parents are not able to educate their children in private schools. When they are going to take TC, they are being asked for the fees. So what will happen to the future of the children? To which the former education minister said that the former minister said that in his government he had abolished the rule of not getting admission in the school if he did not get TC, which should be implemented even now.

Let us inform you that in today's dialogue held on the stage of Digital Bal Mela, not one but three leaders were declared, who gave a chance to praise the Education Minister before his questions. These leaders are Jhanvi Sharma, Kavya Gadiya and Manish. Who had questioned about the changing curriculum in schools, new education policy and facilities being provided to girl students in the field of education.