District-level committee to be formed for issuing Covid Death Certificate

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Jaipur, September 26.Health Minister Dr.Raghu Sharma has directed to constitute a district-level committee to issue Covid Death Certificate in the State following the decision of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and as per the directions of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. He also told to form an Appellate Board which will be at the state-level for immediate redressal of any kind of complaint related to the Covid Death Certificate. 

Health Department Secretary Mr Vaibhav Galriya said that if any person is corona infected and dies due to it then guiding principles have been set for this. He said that it is important to be positive in the RTPCR or certified test. He said that if the infected commits suicide or dies in an accident then it is not considered as death due to corona. Galriya said that corona positive dies at home and has the medical certificate then it will be considered as death due to covid-19. Apart from these, many other points have been included.  

The Health Secretary said that a district-level committee will be formed for issuing Covid-19 Death Certificate. He said the chairman of the committee will be the District Collector, while the secretary will be the Chief Medical and Health Officer and member will be the senior physician deployed at the district hospital or head of the medicine department in the medical college. 

Mr Galriya said that the family members of the deceased can apply for issuing Covid Death Certificate in the prescribed form. The application can also be given to the Medical Officer present in Prashasan Gawon ke Sangh campaign in addition to the CMHO or Block CMHO. He said that it would be the responsibility of the Medical Officer to send applications received here to the CMHO. He said that all these applications will be examined by the district-level committee and only after that the official Covid-19 death certificate would be issued. It is mandatory to dispose of received applications within 30 days.

The Health Secretary said that the applicant can appeal to the state-level committee or appellate board if not satisfied by the decision of the district-level committee. The chairman of the board is SMS Medical College Senior Professor Dr. Raman Sharma, while the member is Rajasthan AIDS Control Society Director Dr. Ravi Prakash Sharma. The convener is IDSP State Nodal Officer Dr. Praveen Aswal and the member is RUHS Hospital Superintendent Dr Ajit Singh.