Was the influence of Sanatan Hindu culture limited to Asia only?

Jaipur, Dec 31.   The influence of Indian culture is seen all over Asia. Was the influence of Sanatan Hindu culture limited to Asia only, this thought constantly comes to mind. 

 Wasn't there any influence of European countries on Asian countries?  If we connect the mythological Sanatan Hindu culture with the Indus Valley Civilization, then did the development and expansion of that civilisation took place in the East only ?  Many states associated with that civilization are also on the West.  Was the imagination of today's continents the same in that mythical period?  Did the western countries not have contact with India?  

Whether European countries were not related to India or Asian countries.  Humans, communities, groups have since been exchanged for centuries.  There were many great wars due to which many civilizations were destroyed and redeveloped.

Europe and Asia have been influenced by a common culture that Indians have known for centuries and the vast island that has been called JamBu Dweep is imagined even today, India is part of that island.  If countries do not have borders, then a common person can reach many countries.  Surely people have been travelling for centuries.  The Silk Route is a living example of this.

Several examples can be given to prove the cultural similarities between Europe and Asia.  I would like to give an example from Indonesia, which proves the cultural connection of not only India and Europe but of Asia too.

A river in Europe called Danu is one of the important and sacred rivers.  It is one of the second largest rivers in Europe.  This river passes through ten countries of Europe and also passes through four capitals.  It also comes under the category of international waterways.  The culture of Europe is called Danube culture because of Danu river. 

Danu is a goddess of rivers and ponds associated with Hindu culture.  There is an  exquisite temple of Danu Devi in the island of Bali, Indonesia.  This goddess is one of the most popular goddesses there.  Danu is a pure Sanskrit word which means drop, dew, mist or fluid .

Bali island is one of the Hindu majority islands in Indonesia.  Indonesia was a Hindu nation in mythological times.  Beautiful Hindu culture is found in the island of Bali.  Every day family members offer collective worship of sacred Tulsi (Basel) tree.  The guest is considered a deity.  Ramlila (is any dramatic folk re-enactment of the life of lord Rama according to the ancient Hindu epic Ramayana), is very popular and most of the artists and instrumentalists are Muslim.  All of them are proud of their mythological culture.  If anyone wants to know and see how beautiful the Sanatan Hindu culture has been, they must visit Bali.

Goddess Danu culture proves deep and strong much mythical cultural connection between Asia and Europe.Major S N Mathur,SM(Retd)