More than 500 LED bulbs manufactured in just one month

Raipur 18 January,The rural women of village Chindiya in Koriya district, who were just confined to household chores, are now paving way to self-reliance starting the LED bulb assembling business. With little help and training from the government, these women are now making LED bulbs whose quality is as good as the ones available in market.

About 8 to 10 women of Suraj Mahila Gram Sangathan of village Chindiya have started the work of manufacturing LED bulbs nearly a month ago as a part of numerous income generating activities being run in the state-run Gauthans. These women have got a new source of their income by manufacturing more than 500 high quality LED bulbs in just one month.

Neelam Kushwaha, a member of this group, told that they have received information in this regard about economic activities conducted under the National Livelihood Mission 'Bihaan' from the officials. They received a three-day long training from a trainer of Raipur, who explained them nitty-gritty of LED bulb assembling.

Briefing about their work, the women informed that raw material for the bulb is procured from Raipur. After required manufacturing work, the bulbs are packed using pressing machine. Through this the people are now getting high quality LED bulbs at affordable prices. Besides, demand of their bulbs is also increasing in the market. They are also marketing and promoting these bulbs. At present the bulb is being sold only at the village level and the proposal for selling them in markets as well is in pipeline.

"Most of us were busy with everyday household chores and least focused on earning and supporting our families. However, getting hands-on this work has motivated us to do something for ourselves and the family", said the women members of group. 

These women have manufactured more than 500 LED bulbs in just one month. They have earned more than Rs 6,000 from the sale of 150 bulbs. A 15 watt LED bulb with a guarantee of 1.6 months is priced at Rs 140 while that of 12 watt bulb is Rs 120 having guarantee of 1 year. Similarly, a 9 watt bulb with guarantee of 6 months is being sold at Rs 60 and 5 watt bulb without guarantee at Rs 30.