Our country India is a bouquet of diverse ideologies- Rahul Gandhi

Raipur , Feb 3. Senior congress leader Mr. Rahul Gandhi on Thrusday gave many historical gifts to Chhattisgarh at the programme held at Science College ground in Raipur. 

MP Mr. Rahul Gandhi launched the state government’s ambitious 'Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana' and 'Rajiv Yuva Mitan Club Scheme'. In the presence of other dignitaries including MP Mr. Rahul Gandhi, Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel, and thousands of people present in the programme, landless laborers Mr. Ramkumar Nishad of Durg, Smt. Khuji Maurya of Bastar, Smt. Sona Netam of Balodabazar-Bhatapara, and Mr. Masius Tirkey of Balrampur-Ramanujganj laid the foundation stone of the proposed 'Sevagram' to be established in Nava Raipur to cherish the memories of Mahatma Gandhi and 'Chhattisgarh Amar Jawan Jyoti' to be lit in Mana, Raipur to honor our brave soldiers who have sacrificed their lives for their motherland. 

Referring to the challenges faced by the country in the present times,  Mr.Rahul Gandhi said that this country is like a bouquet with diverse ideologies. The language, culture, and lifestyle of Chhattisgarh are unique in themselves. The people of other areas cannot tell how the people of Chhattisgarh should live, what should be the relation of the tribals with the forest and the field. Similarly, other states also have their culture, language, history, and lifestyle. India is such a bouquet of people with different ideologies, cultures, languages , and lifestyles. Where there is love, there is a feeling of brotherhood. This is our country, our ‘Hindustan’. He said that patriotism means strengthening the country and helping the poor.

Mr. Rahul Gandhi added saying that we have fulfilled our promises made to the people of Chhattisgarh. We have assured to help our dear labor brothers also work with the farmers. Today we are fulfilling our promise by launching Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Bhumiheen  Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana. He said that this is the first step, through this scheme we are giving your money back to you. MP Mr. Rahul Gandhi said that the amount of input subsidy given to farmers by the Chhattisgarh government under Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana has led to an increase in crop productivity. The hard work of every farmer brother of Chhattisgarh has been respected. 

MP Mr. Rahul Gandhi said that the progress the country has made today is not the gift of any party, but is the result of the hard work of the farmers, laborers, artisans, small entrepreneurs, and businessmen of the country. Today these working people are being pushed out. People are wandering for employment, getting worried for their livelihood, but we will not allow this to happen. He appreciated the schemes being run in Chhattisgarh state in the interest of farmers and working people. He said that 3 lakh 55 thousand landless laborers will be directly benefited by Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana. 

Soon after MP. Mr. Rahul Gandhi stepped on the main stage; thousands of people present at the venue gave him a warm welcome with a big round of applause. Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel and Chhattisgarh Vidhan Sabha speaker Dr. Charan Das Mahant welcomed MP Mr. Rahul Gandhi with state ‘gamchha’. On the occasion, MP Mr. Rahul Gandhi also released a coffee-table book “Jo Kaha-So Kiya” based on the three-year achievements of the Chhattisgarh Government. He congratulated and gave best wishes to the beneficiaries of Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Bhoomiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojna and office-bearers of Rajiv Yuva Mitan Club by presenting a cheque of the grant amount. On this occasion, Mr. Rahul Gandhi transferred the amount of both the above schemes online to the accounts of the beneficiaries.

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel said in his address that today is a very big day for Chhattisgarh. We have taken a step further towards making Chhattisgarh a welfare state. He said that the worries expressed by Mr. Rahul Gandhi about the condition of landless laborers a year ago have come to an end today. By launching the Rajiv Gandhi Gramin Bhoomiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana, he has transferred the amount to the bank accounts of more than 3.5 lakh landless families of the state. He said that this is a first-of-its-kind scheme in the country launched for providing financial assistance to landless laborers. Through the scheme, families of landless laborers working in the fields, shepherds, barbers, washermen, and priests will get an amount of Rs 6000 every year