Shed built under MNREGA strengthens goat rearing business

Raipur. March 3.After the construction of a shed for goat rearing under MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act), Mrs. Champa Bai is now able to pursue her business in an orderly manner. Initially she had only four goats .

After the shed was built in the house through MNREGA, her goat rearing business gained momentum and earnings have also increased. Now she has 26 goats and she earned eighty nine thousand rupees in six months from goat rearing.

Champa Bai of Batupali (B) of Raigarh district is improving the financial condition of her family by goat rearing. The goat rearing shed built at home under MNREGA has played a big role in this. With the dedication, hard work and support of MNREGA, Champa Bai's business is booming and earning a good income.

Champa Bai is a member of the Maa Ganga Self Help Group Batupali (B) Gram Panchayat of Sarangarh block. Her family has about five acres of land. Out of this, only three acres is cultivable land. In the post-cultivation period, the family earns as a labourer. Champa Bai started goat rearing to increase the income of the family but it was getting very difficult due to lack of proper infrastructure. She was unable to proceed with it systematically so she put her problem in meeting. On the advice of the group, she approached the gram panchayat for the construction of a shed on his private land under MGNREGA.

Under MNREGA, in the year 2020-21, administrative approval was received for the construction of a goat shed at Rs. 61 thousand on Champa Bai's private land as a beneficiary. After 15 days of continuous work, her shed was completed in December-2020. In this work, her family and another family of the village also got direct employment of 34 man-days, for which wages of about six and a half thousand rupees were paid. After the shed was built, Champa Bai got enough space for goat rearing and her business started gaining momentum.

Before the construction of the Shed, Champa Bai had only four goats. After the shed was built, she bought four more goats. Currently, she has 26 goats. Out of these, by selling 15 goats, she has earned eighty nine thousand rupees in six months. She sells the female goat at the rate of Rs.5 thousand and the male goat at the rate of Rs.7 thousand. Champa Bai is happy with benefit from goat rearing in less time. This not only improved her financial condition, but she has also bought a new TV, fan and cupboard for her house.

Mrs. Champa Bai wants to further grow her business of goat rearing. She says that if she did not get a shed from MNREGA for goat rearing, she will not be able to carry on with her work. Now she is encouraging other people of the village to take up goat rearing as a business.