Punjabi film, Saunkan Saunkne releases in cinemas worldwide on May 13


Jaipur. May 3.Jatin Sethi of Naad Studios is delighted as his first Punjabi film, Saunkan Saunkne is declared one of the most awaited films of 2022

Several significant Bollywood and Hollywood films are releasing in the upcoming weeks and everyone is looking forward to them.In the midst of these films, a Punjabi movie, Saunkan Saunkne, has managed to stand out. The trade and industry experts have already declared this film a winner at the box office, though its release is still a few weeks away.

Jatin Sethi whose production house Naad Studios has produced this film is obviously happy. He says, “My phone has been ringing constantly since we released the trailer of Saunkan Saunkne. Everyone is looking forward to it eagerly.’

Jatin Sethi continues, “The trailer has done the trick. Moreover, we have popular stars like Ammy Virk, Sargun Mehta, and Nimrat Khaira. The film is written by Amberdeep Singh Moreover, Amarjit Singh Saron, the director of Diljit Dosanjh’s latest hit, Honsla Rakh (2021), has directed by Saunkan Saunkne. Due to all the factors, our film has become one of the most awaited films in recent times.”

Jatin Sethi is also confident that Saunkan Saunkne will have a wide release, “Since the buzz is tremendous, we are confident of having a huge screen count in the North and also in other parts of India where Punjabi films have a market. Moreover, even Overseas, our film would be released widely.”

Looking at the huge buzz of Saunkan Saunkne, the trade sees potential in the film to emerge as one of the biggest Punjabi hits of all time.Saunkan Saunkne releases in cinemas worldwide on May 13, 2022