Congress categorically refutes the mischievous charges

New Delhi 17July, The Indian    National    Congress    categorically    refutes    the mischievous charges manufactured against the late Mr Ahmed Patel. 

This is part of the Prime Minister’s systematic strategy to absolve himself of any responsibility for the communal carnage unleashed when he was chief minister of Gujarat in 2002. It was his unwillingness and incapacity to control this carnage that had led the-then Prime Minister of India Mr Atal Bihari Vajpayee to remind the chief minister of hisrajdharma.

 StatementIssued by Mr .Jairam Ramesh, MP and General Secretary In-Charge, Communications, AICC yesterday.

Accounding to Statement The Prime Minister’s political vendetta machine clearly does not even spare the departed who were his political adversaries. This SIT  is  dancing  to  the  tune  of  its  political  master  and  will  sit wherever  it  is  told  to.  We  know  how  an  earlier  SIT  chief  was rewarded  with  a  diplomatic  assignment  after  he  had  given  a ‘clean chit’ to the chief minister.Giving judgment through press, in an ongoing judicial process, through   puppet   investigative   agencies   who   trumpet   wild allegations  as  supposed  findings,  has  been  the  hallmark  of  the Modi-Shah duo’s tactics for years. 

This is nothing but another example  of  the  same,  with  the  added  object  of  vilifying   a deceased person since he is obviously unable and unavailable to refute such brazen lies.