Jodhpur. 28 July .With unprecedented rains and resultant overflow of water drainage system, number of areas in Jodhpur town got inundated.

 On requisition by civil administration, Indian Army immediately mobilised flood relief column in affected areas at 1900h on 27 Jul 2022 to provide assistance to civilians cut - off for three days without basic amenities.

            Flood relief column was involved in restoring normalcy in these inundated areas by pumping out stagnant water at Roop Nagar, Jodhpur. Despite heavy rain, the Army column quickly assessed the situation, identified low lying areas and channelised clogged water mitigating a developing unprecedented situation.

            The flood relief column continued working relentlessly throughout the intervening night 27/28 July 2022. The effort became more challenging as the efficiency was restricted due to heavy downpour and thunderstorms. The situation has been brought under control by prompt and coordinated efforts of Indian Army with civil authorities. The effort continues till last report received.