Jaisalmer.,8 September .Day three of Ranbhoomi Shardhanjali Yatra started from Jaisalmer. The veterans and the tourists reached Gotaru fort  werein the history and the significance of the fort was narrated. 

The fort was built in 1765 and takes its name from the Sweet water well located next to the fort. It was a major fortress on the desert silk route. War account of 1965 Indo - Pak war in the area was narrated by the War Heroes which moved the tourists and was well appreciated.

They moved to Laungewala . A brief on Laungewala Yudh Sthal was presented and the complete history on Battle of Laungewala was narrated by the Veterans which included the exact  battle accounts which brought goose bumps to the audience. The veterans include :-a) Sub Devi Singh - 17 Raj Rif. (b) Hav Ashu Singh - 17 Raj Rif. (c) Hav Sanwan Singh- 17 Raj Rif.(d) Sub Maj ( Hony Capt) Tanerao Singh - Int Corps.(e) Nk Bhairu Singh, SM, BSF. The party furthur saw the famous Laungewala War Museum.

 After that, the tourists moved Sadhewala War Memorial and were briefed on the battle of Sadhewala and the gallant action by 3 Grenadiers from where they reached the historic Tanot Mata mandir.

In the end, they visited the  Babliawala BOP which has been proposed to be the  Site for Beating the Retreat Ceremony in lines with Wagaha border. The tourists got the glimpse of areas across the border from tower and were greatly inspired by the Indian soldiers guarding the Motherland round the clock with an assurance of their safety and security at their homes.