Jaipur,  07 Nov. 103-year old senior veteran Risaldar Major & Hony Captain Bhanwar Singh, a Cavalier from ‘Tresath’ – ‘63 Cavalry’ passed away due to recently developed chronicle illness.  He breathed his last and left for heavenly abode at 1615 hours on 05 Nov 2023.


            Last rites of the veteran were carried out with full honours by service personnel, family friends, local residents and veterans at his native village Ganoda in district Sikar, Rajasthan on 06 Nov 2023.


            The journey of centenarian veteran soldier from pre-Independence days of British Army to being the Hony Captain in Indian Army has been a remarkable one.  He was initially employed as Syce as per the traditional procedure in Jodhpur Lancers in 1939 and thereafter enrolled as Sowar in Horsed Cavalry.  He was extremely good at training the horses for war like situations and won many tent pegging trophies during Indian Tent Pegging competitions.  On breaking out of World War-II, he moved along with Jodhpur Lancers and participated in the war fought on Persian territories (present day Iran & Iraq) and Palestine.  On seeing his exemplary and extra ordinary skills as horse mounted cavalier in the battle field, he was given out of turn promotion as Jemadar (equivalent to Naib Risaldar).


            After the Independence Hony Capt Bhanwar Singh was sent to 2nd Lancers as Jemadar and later taken to ‘Tresath’ on it's raising in 1956 as the Senior JCO Rajput Squadron by then Major Darshan Jeet Singh Dhillon of 2nd Lancers.  On promotion as Risaldar Major, he was sent on ERE to NCC Cannanore in 1967.  After 2 yrs of tenure at Cannanore, he got posted to NCC Jaipur in 1969.  He was awarded the rank of Hony Lieutenant on 15 Aug 1971 and Hony Capt on 26 Jan 1972 after retirement.


            Hony Capt Bhanwar Singh’s father late Shree Amar Singh was ADC to Maharaja Ganga Singh ji of Bikaner and a veteran of World War–I.  Following the family legacy, Ris Maj & Hony Capt Bhanwar proved himself as a die-hard soldier and participated in WW-II, 1962, 1965 War and also formed part of UN peace keeping mission in Congo.


            In true soldierly traditions, his eldest son Col Kishore Singh joined his grandfather's Unit.  Another son joined AMC and the youngest son, Colonel Govind Singh joined 18 Cavalry.  Amongst the grandsons, one joined 63 Cavalry another joined 61 Cavalry and one joined the Indian Air Force.  His granddaughter is serving Major in ASC and two of his grandson-in-laws are presently in EME and Gorkha Regiment