More than 1 crore people administered two doses,


Jaipur, August 27.Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that the state is leading in vaccination throughout the country after the corona management. He said that 20% of the targetted population in the state has been vaccinated by administering a second dose to more than 1 crore people on Thursday afternoon. 

The Health Minister said that a total of 4,12,67,359 people in the state have been vaccinated with corona vaccine doses. Of these, 3,12,58,116 people have been administered the first dose and 1,00,09,243 people have been administered both doses. He said that vaccination is being done on 3,177 vaccination sites in the state including 3,109 government and 68 private vaccination sites. He has complimented the health personnel for this achievement.

The Health Minister said that anticipating the third wave of the corona, the infrastructure of all children's hospitals in the state is being strengthened. He said that ICU along with medical oxygen is being ensured in selected 332 Community Health Centres. He said that so far more than 550 additional beds have been dedicated to the public in various hospitals and the number of beds is continuously being increased.

Dr Sharma said that oxygen generation plants are being constantly set up in the state for the availability of 1000 metric tonne medical oxygen. To overcome the shortage of oxygen, the government has procured more than 50,000 oxygen concentrators, which are being sent to medical institutions in remote areas so that villagers need not have to come to cities.

The Health Minister said that the state government besides providing excellent medical facilities to the general public is also working to give legal right to medical treatment to the general public. He said that Rajasthan would be the first state where the medical facility will become the legal right for the general public for health facilities. He said that the Right to Health would be the biggest change ever in the medical sector in the state. For this, suggestions of the common man were taken while preparing the draft of this law. Right to Health law will be brought by including these suggestions.