Jaipur, December 25: The second day of the 17th Jaipur Jewellery Show (JJS) was attended by jewellery lovers in huge numbers, interacting with stall owners, trying on jewellery and soaking in the entire experience. There is euphoria among the exhibitors on hosting interested buyers and fulfilling queries and demands.


JJS is showcasing a diverse variety of jewellery ranging from affordable, occasion wear pieces and silver jewellery to high value collections in precious metals and gemstones. The exhibitors have come from different parts of the country and many of them have been exhibiting at JJS for several years.

A Bengaluru-based silver jewellery brand, PURPLE, has brought a unique collection of Temple Jewellery & artifacts along with intricate, handcrafted jewellery pieces that have their inspiration in mythology. There are also oxidized and gold plated products available.


Similarly, an exhibitor from Meerut has an extensive display of traditional jewellery made in gold-plated silver and semi precious stones that have been modelled after gold and precious stone jewellery pieces. These ornate pieces are available at a fraction of the price of the real gold and kundan-meena sets, providing a vast collection of pieces at an affordable price range for a wide array of customers.


Along with these, there are several stalls offering bohemian tribal jewellery in the form of earrings, bangles, anklets and striking necklaces which are also quite a signature style of Rajasthani jewellery. There are also stalls with contemporary jewellery in the form of statement earrings, charm bracelets and mens’ accessories like cufflinks and ornate buttons.


 Designer booths have been an attractive feature of all editions of JJS. This year as well, 68% of the brands have created booths that make them stand out. Mr. Abhishek Raniwala, Owner of Raniwala 1881 said that their booth is a replica of their ancestral haveli in Beawar and pays tribute to their Rajasthani lineage. The ornate stall is a visual experience for the attendees along with their jewellery collection called ‘Gharana’.


Mr. Nawal Kishore, Partner, Birdhichand Ghanshyamdas Jewellers stated that their booth design was inspired by their ‘Rajbari’ collection of jewellery which is showcased at the JJS. Use of a subtle colour palate and vintage motifs are the signature features of the booth which further highlight the intricacies and opulence of the jewellery. Both the collection and the booth design reflect a clear inspiration in an amalgamation of Indian and colonial aesthetics.


Mr. Nitin Gilara, Partner at Rambhajo Jewellers said that the inspiration behind their stall design was the philosophy of ancient Egyptian craftmanship. He said that much like the artisans of ancient Egypt, several local artisans work together on different design aspects to complete a single piece of jewellery. Every ornament is the result of creativity, patience and synergistic efforts by the artisans. 

 Students from the Indian Institute of Gems & Jewellery, Jaipur are conducting several workshops at the JJDF, from jewellery sketching to creating jewellery and artefacts using resin, terracotta and enameling. There is also a section where students are demonstrating the steps of jewellery manufacturing using wooden models.


The budding designers from the Institute said that creating and wearing one’s own jewellery brings great joy and satisfaction. They are also helping show visitors create souvenir pieces of their own using resin, terracotta and enamel paint.