A collaborative art exhibition at The Art Junction


New Delhi, April 26.Art of the Nation is an art exhibition showcasing curated artworks of 10 artists with diverse disabilities from 7 states of India. The ethos behind the exhibition is to raise awareness about the awe-inspiring abilities of Indian artists with disabilities.

 The exhibition saw a beautiful showcase on April 22April, at the Art Junction, The LaLiT New Delhi.It was attended by eminent personalities such as MrNipun Malhotra - Indian Social Entrepreneur and disability rights activist, Anjali Gurmukhani Sharma - Education Lead at Charter for Compassion, writer, TEDx Speaker and artists Niyaz Husain (Locomotor Disability), Saideep Gupta (Down Syndrome), Pranav Aggarwal (Down Syndrome) and DhrovTikoo (Autism Spectrum Sisorder).


The exhibition is a collaboration between Atypical Advantage, India’s largest Inclusive platform to generate economic livelihood for Persons with Disabilities and The Art Junction, art gallery at The Lalit New Delhi, one of India’s most prestigious chains of hotels pioneering Inclusion and Diversity. The paintings are made by artists with various disabilities such as Autism, Hearing and Visual impairment, Fragile X syndrome, Asperger syndrome, locomotor disability, Down syndrome, Muscular dystrophy and Spinal cord injury.


30 masterpieces will be on showcase till May 1 (11:00 am to 6:00pm) providing art lovers an immersive experience. The assortedcollection exhibits ink,oil and acrylic on canvas and paper;and are well-suited to the cosmopolitan culture of Delhi. The artworks have been carefully curated by the Atypical Art team, further selected by Mr Naresh Kapuria, arenowned Art connoisseur whose works have been featured in many solo and collaborative projects and has also won acclaimed awards.


About 30 magnificent artworks will be on display, each emphasizing on the resilience and indomitable spirit of the artists. Whether it's Varun with Fragile X syndrome, Saideep with Down syndrome or Niyaz with Locomotor disability, their journey in dealing with their struggles and overcoming their limitations is inspiring. “Disability art has been globally hailed for its unique perspective and this exhibition brings out diversity in all its glory,” says Vineet Saraiwala, Founder & CEO-Atypical Advantage.


Talking about the exhibition, Mr Keshav Suri, Executive Director, The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group and Founder, Keshav Suri Foundation said, ‘Art Junction at The Lalit has always believed in promoting art and the artists from various spectrums including gender, disability etc. This collaboration with Atypical Advantage is to strengthen our vision and commitment to support and empower people from diverse groups by providing them with the platform. Be it our pianists with autism, speech and hearing disability or visual disability at various Lalit properties or people from these groups working in various departments across roles and functions in the group- The Lalit celebrates diversity every day.’


Lack of exposure creates the greatest divide in society; hopefully this novel exhibition, through the language of Art, will foster an appreciation for the abilities of Persons with Disabilities.