A delegation of parliamentarians inspected the manufacturing Jaipur Foot


Jaipur, Jan 13. A delegation of parliamentarians on Friday inspected the manufacturing process of the World famous Jaipur Foot at the Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti ( BMVSS)here. The parliamentary consultative committee led by Smt. Rami Devi, a member of Lok Sabha from Bihar was shown the manufacturing process of the Jaipur Foot to the delegation.

 The delegation comprising Rami Devi, Ramila Ben Bara, Mamta Mohanta, Ranjita Koli and N Chandrasegaran also met the large number o disabled from all over the country who had come for rehabilitation. The delegation members inquired about the quality of the Jaipur Foot.

 D  R Mehta, the founder and the chief patron of the BMVSS said that  the BMVSS has become the world’s leading oganisation or the rehabilitation of the disabled with a presence in 42 countries..

 After learning about the manufacturing process of the  Jaipur foot, the visiting parliamentarians held a discussion with the members of the BMVSS executive committee.

 D R Mehta informed the parliamentarians that according to the  survey undertaken in 2011, there are 2.68 crore disabled in the country who require rehabilitation. He urged the committee that the Union ministry should accelerate the process of rehabilitation and for this, there is a need to simplify the process of rehabilitation. He said the conditions and procedures should be simplified keeping in view the principle of prudence and accountability.

 Mehta also stressed that the NGO are required to pay GST on aid and appliances even though the NGO’s provide it to the disabled for free. He urged the Union government to waive the GST on such aids and appliances.

 D R Mehta also urged that the   Union government under the Ayushman Bharat scheme the disabled should be allowed to get Rs five lakh free to meet the cost of the aids and appliances. He said under the Ayushman Bharat Rs five lakh treatments including surgery are allowed for free while for the disabled the financial limit is Rs 15,00 only which should be raised to Rs five lakh.

 Smt Rami Devi appreciated the viewpoints submitted by   D R Mehta and other members of the executive and said she would take up the issue with the Union ministry and also with the Speaker of Lok Sabha.

 She said that the role being played by BMVSS is laudable and it has earned the appreciation of the people both in India and abroad.

 The  members of the  consultative committee were received by the  two executive presidents  S S Bhandari and Salauddin Ahmed, secretaries D Bhuepndra Mehta and Dr Deependra Mehta, treasurer  Vimal Chopra and the  two CEOs  S S Bissa and R K Agarwal.